Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Miss U All

Assalamu'alaikum All...
Awww...i really really miss u so much, my blog, hiks!
My last post was in 22nd April, and it is now 6 May, its been 2 weeks ago..
Where have i been for along time?

new job...syukurAlhamdulillah =)
Yaiy, i got a new job, well this job makes me feel like "i will be here forever.."
I dont know why, i mean its not a kind of job that makes me feel happy, fun, or excited!
This job is just a lil'bit boring, time-scheduled, and so much routine.
8 to half 5..everyday, monday to friday, but i think i might need this job, and most people would think that im crazy if i quit the job..
But deep inside i do really..really want to be an enterpreneur..

thx all =)
Okay forget bout my job and the things i want, hehe..
My blog has 50++ follower!!
hehe...it can't be compared with other bigger blogger who has 7K or 15K follower, 
hehe im a new one/newbie, n my blog might not look good at all for u guys..
(but for me my blog is the best!hehe)

Okay that's all, miss u all


3 komentar:

  1. congratulations on the new job and the 50+ followers!



  2. congrat maya...

    believe it or not,,i got new job too..what a coincidence..^^


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