Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Hijab Tutorial

Assalamu'alaikum All...

This is my first tutorial. 
I don't use a video, but only give photos to show the steps to make "hood hijab style"
(okay forget about that name, i don't really know how to call that style,hehe)
So that you will not need to spend many times on buffering, 
although the worst thing is you might not understand the instructions, 
but you can just ask me about it, okay, here we go...

1. Make inner hijab, it would be better if u have inner ninja
2. Fold square hijab to a triangle, put on ur head with the tip of the hijab on the left and the right side in the same length.
3. Take a brooch and a little part of the backside of hijab, and put the brooch,
3.a. It will look like this from the front
3.b. It will look like this from the back
4.a. Put one side of hijab (i take left side), flip.
4.b. And put needle on hijab near your cheekbone
5. Take the rest and pull it near your cheekbone
6. Okay finish! well you can finish the process up to this step, but it will be better to cover your chest, so lets continue..
7.put the other side (right side) to cover your chest, take brooch and hook it 
Confusing, hah?haha...
im sorry T.T 
i wish i could explain it better..
if you are still confused, well then i think i have to show it in a video format..Hehe


Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Different n Same Think

Assalamu'alaikum All...

This is my second post about yonkoma.
And this yonkoma story about me and my BF (Best Friend become my Boy Friend, dear..hehe)
This is true story, hope u like it!

Really miss u..
*Kenapa jadi curhat yah*


Blogger Award ^^

Assalamu'alaikum All...

Wow i have my biggest thank to sariii, who gave me blogger award..hehe big hug for u sariii ^^
Actually i got this award at April 29th , it is too late to post this award, isn't it?
Hahaha im sorry dear i have spent many times creating "chibi" picture of people who inspired me..

Blogger Award

Okay, blogger award have 4 questions, and these are my answers

How Long U have Been Blogging?
Almost 4 months,but this is my third blog (Hijab Kawaii)
I already have 2 blogs before this, but those blogs are all about my past experiences
and i'm not interested in that topic anymore.

When did the first time you blogging?
Forget, i think when i was in my first year in college (using free wifi,hehe)

What is your purpose of making a blog
Let me think first?
Maybe i use it as a media to express my narcissism..haha.. -_______-"
And to find many friends that have the same interest: fashion!
And also to write down my ordinary life stories, so that i may not easily forget about it..hehe

Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now?
From indonesian Diana Rikasari, amazing fashion blogger,
Diana Rikasari ( hot chocolate and mint )
And from other country is a beautiful hijaber Hana Tajima Simpson!
Hana Tajima ( Style Covered )
 And for the first place of course, YOU!!

Hehe im sorry for such a standart answers, and i want to know what is ur answer
Also that means i give u blogger award
Good Luck!


Kamis, 05 Mei 2011


Assalamu'alaikum All...

This is my second post in same day,.
well of course about fashion hijabi..
i dont know why,but i really like see hijab combine with hat, wow soo gorgeous.
check what i meant,

hana tajima
Elnaz Shakerdoust

I really love hanna tajima hijab style
n check out my weird experiment

n popart style =)

hahahaha ugly?yeah whatever...
enjoy ur day..


Miss U All

Assalamu'alaikum All...
Awww...i really really miss u so much, my blog, hiks!
My last post was in 22nd April, and it is now 6 May, its been 2 weeks ago..
Where have i been for along time?

new job...syukurAlhamdulillah =)
Yaiy, i got a new job, well this job makes me feel like "i will be here forever.."
I dont know why, i mean its not a kind of job that makes me feel happy, fun, or excited!
This job is just a lil'bit boring, time-scheduled, and so much routine.
8 to half 5..everyday, monday to friday, but i think i might need this job, and most people would think that im crazy if i quit the job..
But deep inside i do really..really want to be an enterpreneur..

thx all =)
Okay forget bout my job and the things i want, hehe..
My blog has 50++ follower!! can't be compared with other bigger blogger who has 7K or 15K follower, 
hehe im a new one/newbie, n my blog might not look good at all for u guys..
(but for me my blog is the best!hehe)

Okay that's all, miss u all

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