Jumat, 08 April 2011

Fashion Inspiration : Aishah Amin

Assalamu'alaikum All...
Now my new fashion inspiration for April is....Aishah Amin!
Kagum banget sama hijab style and fashion hijabnya.

Taaaraaaa Aishah Amin! Her image i get here
For tutorial hijab style look like Aishah u can see here
Another style (i really like all of them). Just check it out :

image i get here
here again :)
lovely pic from here
Love, love, love, picture? here
U can find her, from
I really love her style, with soft color, vintage, and (of course) lovely hijab style, simple, but gorgeous!
But im sorry Aishah, i made this post without ur permit, but i hope she like this post :')


10 komentar:

  1. err, I don't have pashmina until now. I'll try if I buy it later :)

  2. sister you have won an award go check it out on my blog-http://muslimahbloggers.blogspot.com/

  3. nice style...wanna exchange link??

  4. Oh! I like her style too and she's aweson! :D

  5. awww i love it dear:) thank you<3

  6. @QiQi:Thx dear

    @Ajeng:Lets try!hehe try something new

    @Rabia:Wow thx for award Rabia ^^

    @Dorothy:Of course dear, =)

    @laila:yes i agree with u..

    @Aishah:wow thx dear u love it, i love ur post too..keep blogging n thx for drop comment

  7. cakep banget sih????
    udah follow"an blom yah??hehe

  8. sumpah!! kereeeeeeeeen... ^^

  9. yup she is so lovely n this is what we called as a FASHIONISTA!! ^^ i adore her too~


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