Minggu, 17 April 2011

Stylish Blogger Award #2

Assalamu'alaikum All...
SyukurAlhamdulillah this is my second award for stylish blogger award,..
*And for my first award check here!

Thx..thx.. and thx again for dunia kreasi fiet, mbak diniiii thank you very much.. cuphh muahh :*
but sorry for the postpone of this good news, honestly i got this award at march..hehe...yeah whatever, better than not at all.. ;P

Okay to do list after u get this award:
  1. I have to thank those who awarded me.
  2. I have to write 7 and few things about me.
  3. I have to award it to others to keep the cycle going.
  4. I have to inform those I awarded.
Mmm 7 few things about me again?hehe me is:
1. I like see something different, but lil'bit scary to be different!! 
different (many paw n one kitteh)
2.I love Blog!
But what i love the most is my blog of course!hehe
Why i love Blog
3.I love see someone smile or laugh...*hey who's not into it??

Please smile or myb laugh..^^
4.I got lappy from my beloved (Alm)Father.Thx abah..b'coz this lappy i finished my thesis and i found many friend in cyber world. (Beside i also got money from internet, hehe).
Lovely Lappy yang norak n alay dikit, hehe
5.I cannot eat without this!
remember im from Lombok!hehe

6.Semanggi or Clover is my icon... ^^
I dont know whats the meaning about clover, all of my project have clover icon. Also my email too... 
but Hijab Kawaii its lil' bit different, my blog dont have clover icon or whatever about clover.

clover icon

7. I like drawing!
image i get here
Fiuh, okay thats 7 things 'bout me. And for whom i passed this award, i will tell u in the next post.
N im soo happy about ur responses about my nu hijab style, but sorry i cant tell u about tutorial right now, but i will post about tutorial ASAP! wait for that!


4 komentar:

  1. wah jd bnyak tau nih tentangmu..selamat untuk awardnya^^

  2. lombok manise :D
    aku juga suka sambel,

  3. Well, its not our fault you deserve all of these awards!! :DD

    love ya sis

  4. wow,,congratzz for the award. already linked u...


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