Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

when i stare at my comp screen

Assalamu'alaikum All..
Well this is my first comic or yonkoma manga (4column manga).
Hope u'll like it, enjoy!

Stack of books i get here

Itu "iler" maya? *wkwkwkwkwk*

Don't understand?Hiks... T.T
Whatever lah..hehe
Uia satu lagi, nyolong doodle dari blognya Lia
I get here

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011


Assalamu'alaikum All...
Just try new tutorial about photoshop, Lomography!
Ohh love it! I know its pretty bad..hehe..but im still learn..

The title is : "Me and Colorfull Hijab : Lomography.."

In this post i just want to say thx for follow me, stay keep in touch!
And if u want me to follow u back after u follow me, just leave a comment and ur blog link too. ^^


Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Colorfull Bridge

Assalamu'alaikum All..
I found colorfull bridge, hehe, check this out!
Taraaaa soo colorfull!
Dont try this at home bridge!
Blue n Yellow Bridge!soo bright!
Oh noo...brown water?save our water please!
Save our water, 22 March is World Water Day.


Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Simple Red n Dark Green

Assalamu'alaikum All...
Honestly im feelin blue now, really miss him...
but blue feat red, makes me more happy!

Or green?*hijo lumut sebenarnya*

mmm..photoshop?okay..lets try!

Oh noooo...my facee...
Or this one?

mm over!no!..=(

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011


Assalamu'alaikum All
Okay finally my blog have first award,hehe..
N what i've to do?hmm.. lets we see:
  1. I have to thank those who awarded me.
  2. I have to write 7 and few things about me.
  3. I have to award it to others to keep the cycle going.
  4. I have to inform those I awarded.
First, i have many bunny thx alot very much(hee apaan sih?pokoknya makasi banyak dah!) to Amelia Saga who give me this award, thx alot dear. Okay number 1 in list check!

Second, write 7 and few things about me?hee..not difficult!
1. I love shopping!but im not shopaholic, or mad crazy shopper!(but almost T_____T)
Background image i get here
2.I am car-sick and seasick. Hiks!
Car image i get here | Ship image i get here
3.I looovvveeeeeeeeeeee pastel color..^^
Background image i get here
4.Sad movies always makes me cry.  TT________________TT
Background image i get here
Dont cry dong mbak Katie, jadi ikutan nee...T____T
5.When i smile at office..hehe..just kidding boss!. 
Background image i get here
6.I like sing, walau gak bagus2 amat, like Christina Aguilera lah..hehe
Background image i get here and here
7. My english isnt not too good, saya cuma mau ngesok belajar pakai bahasa inggris. hehe. i still learn!
Number 2, check!

Third, this award i dedicated to: *drum roll and standing applause, please*
  1. Sitha
  2. Saffanah 
  3. QiQi
  4. Dana Paramita
  5. Tri Rizki Amalia
Okay gals, its time to contact all of u one by one (koneksi lelet T__T), and do what's in the list.
Hope u like gals!


Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Sekotong Beach

Assalamu'alaikum All..
Okay! i'm runaway again..hehe.. i mean it's holiday time again!
Go to Sekotong Beach at Lombok Tengah, n do photography activity ^^

Who's goin that day, minus photographer n one model..hehe
Choose right or left?
Main airrrrrr ^^ so fun!
Me n (future) sister-in-law
I dont know why, but i luv this picture!
Mmm..someday i hope can bought that thing!

Bored?hehe sory..
But Lombok have many beautiful beach(although i don't expose in this post, sorry..Terlalu asik jadi narsis,hehe)
Hope u can to go there..i'm waiting!


Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Fashion Inspiration : Jesmine Zaidan

Assalamu'alaikum All
How are u?fine?no?ohh hopefully u get better soon..
Now every once a month i write "fashion inspiration" who(or what maybe) inspiring me for this month!
Maybe i write same name every month if she's always inspiring me every month,hehehe..
Okay for march my fashion inspiration is *drum roll pleace*

Jezmine Zaidan
Hei..hei siapa dia?dia adalah Jezmin Zaidan with super duper cute outfit,. mau punya?beli di Old Blossom Box, offline n online shop milik Jezmin.
She's from malaysia, Jezmin ne gak tinggi,kecil,pokoknya imut..like "little colourfull fairy", n for more outfit about her, click Jezmine's Blog

Cute Bright Yellow Belt

Luv this style, with maxi dress

Kawaii <3

Background OldBlossomBox

Wow gorgeous!

Ini beberapa rancangan baju nya yg adorable, sayang pas blogger fashion kmrn saya gak bisa ke Jakarta..hiks mau beli colourfull outfitnya!*somebody give me pleaseeee!!!i want them so bad T___T

Warna2 bajunya selalu membuat ceriaaaa ^^, "everyday is like sunday" lah istilahnya..
Oia maaf klo post kali ini agak berantakan(mang yang lainnya gak gitu?hehe) ini pertama kalinya nulis ttg biografi seseorang(klo bisa dibilang biografi)

**Note:thx to jesmine yg sudah ijinin saya menulis tentang dia, maaf jika ada kata2 yg salah ya dear, love ur style so much!

Debab :Kucing punya Jezmine | Cuteeee!

Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Life in Paradise # Sire Beach

Assalamu'alaikum All..
It's time to holiday!!
where i go?mmm...lets me thinking 'bout that..
I think im not go anywhere!just stay here..in paradise..
Paradise island i called Lombok!

Ugh..okay..actually I had been go to sire beach :P
Beautiful place right?
Im aloneeeee hereeeeee..hehe
Golf course near of Sire beach.
Golf course again, play time!
Bunga yg tumbuh di lapangan golf.hehe
This is i wore that day ^^
Me n ethnic skirt
Me with other stupid face!
Okay done! Jealous with my vacation?no?hehe..
Whatever, this is picture for all of u...i really lovee this pic.

Love(ly) Leave


Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

March Fav Colour

Assalamu'alaikum All..
February is over, n start for new march!
I have question, what do you fav colour in march?i give u three options...

Blue *honestly i take this picture same time with my last post at February :P, look at i wear headset again!

Yellow, mellow hellow meow wow..hehe

Pink, lovely colour?

Okay, which your fav color?
Dont have opinion coz ur fav color does not exist? Okay i have other question... 
Guess what my fav color???

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