Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Life in Paradise # Sire Beach

Assalamu'alaikum All..
It's time to holiday!!
where i go?mmm...lets me thinking 'bout that..
I think im not go anywhere!just stay paradise..
Paradise island i called Lombok!

Ugh..okay..actually I had been go to sire beach :P
Beautiful place right?
Im aloneeeee hereeeeee..hehe
Golf course near of Sire beach.
Golf course again, play time!
Bunga yg tumbuh di lapangan golf.hehe
This is i wore that day ^^
Me n ethnic skirt
Me with other stupid face!
Okay done! Jealous with my vacation?no?hehe..
Whatever, this is picture for all of u...i really lovee this pic.

Love(ly) Leave


4 komentar:

  1. kok foto landscapenya miring" dear.. hee.. :)

  2. ada cemut di daunnya...


    Kesana yukkzz...!!
    lets promote our lovely Lombok^^

  3. @putri:sengaja biar nyeni..hehe

    @sita:ayukkkssss :P

  4. rap rap tweet tweet a mouse in the dark... ada ide di dasar laut. nyambung gak? But honestly from the deepest of my heart I Love Lombok...


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