Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

Married #1

Assalamu'alaikum All...

Well another late post dear, hehe....
And it's about Married. Who is? Me of course.
Because my husband from Sumbawa, we used Sumbawa ceremony.
It's called "Barodak", what's is Barodak?

Barodak is ceremony where the bride and groom wear cold powder in their face and pancar in their hands
This is held at the bride's and men separately.

Barodak Stuff...
Complete Barodak Things: various fruit, red,green,yelow and white rice with egg, candle, etc..etc..
Pancar, and.... (i dont know the others)
Barodak "Stage", full color right?
my husband uses cold powder, hehe... yang merata ya nek, biar putihhh
after ceremony : Look at his face, >.< hehe...
Next day, Barodak ceremony + Proposal held at my house.
i bit the ring, along ceremony...
Before Ceremony
My aunti, applied Pancar on my hand 
My mother! Hehehehe i really like this picture
me on stage!
my sister in law bring my dowry
with sista-sista

Thank you for reading my post, InsyaAllah to be continue...

Nb: Maaf buat bahasa Inggris saya yang hancur berantakan, entah kenapa sudah lama gak berbahasa Inggris jadi lupa --", dan beberapa pakai Google Translate hahaha!!

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