Jumat, 18 November 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week

Assalamu'alaikum All...

Yaiiyy! along time waiting for this! Hijabi Fashion Week, i really exicted!
This is first time for me to join, mudahan gak melenceng jauh dari syarat-syarat yang ada*soalnya semua syaratnya pake bahasa Inggris dan saya ngartiin tebak-tebak sendiri gitu, hehe*

It's just 1 week, start from November 27 until December 3 *coret dikalender*
Each day that week, there's a different theme and tons of fashion, click HFW for more info

Here are the Themes for each day, so start snapping those pictures:
Day 1 -- Leaders in Hijab: what leadership roles do you have or want to try? (President, teacher, mother, Volunteer Leader, CEO etc.). 
Day 2 -- Hobby/RecreationWhat do you do when you have free time? (hike, sail, write, paint, etc.)
Day 3 -- Break the RulesA stylish hijabi can look good in anything, even when she's breaking the rules! Pick a fashion/style rule you always follow, and show us how you'd break it in style! (Any style rule may be broken, except the Islamic criteria for hijab).
Day 4 -- Vacation/Destination: Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?
Day 5 -- Eid & Formal: It's Friday! Dress up! What did you wear for Eid? What do you wear to formal events/parties?
Day 6 -- Date Night: Yesterday you dressed up for you, today dress up for your man! What do you wear when going out with your (future) husband?
Day 7 -- Out with Friends: Finish off the week by hanging out with friends! Where do you usually go? What do you usually do?

Done!, ayo ikutan juga, biar Maya ada temen! hehe
Kalo gak ikutan, liat-liatlah outfit yang saya pakai.. :P


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  1. ikut ahhh... tp day6 itu loh :D

  2. how interesting fashion week online!
    goodluck yah :)

  3. how interesting fashion week online!
    goodluck yah :)

  4. how interesting fashion week online!
    goodluck yah :)

  5. Hi,

    I was looking for some interesting blog to follow and found yours! =D
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    See you on my blog!


  6. aaaaaawww... your blog is... kawaaiiiiii!!! :D

    ikutan HFW juga ya?? Semangaattt bikin postingan 7 hari!! ^0^
    *bawa pom pom*


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